I know, I’ll start a blog….

So you know that thing right, where you think

“I know, I’ll start a blog”

because that’s what everyone else is doing right, and I’m probably only about 10 years behind current trends,

but then you have this sudden realisation that you don’t actually go anywhere or do anything and you’re probably just about the most boring person in the world?

Exactly that.

maybe by having a blog, it’ll force me to do more stuff and be more interesting?
and maybe I’ll spend less time staring out of the window at the pigeons bonking on the common?
and maybe I’ll even pick up a pencil and actually draw something for once?

In reality though, it’s entirely possible that I’ll just carry on being extremely lazy and dull and this blog will sit here and collect dust and cobwebs just like the last time I thoughtย 

“I know, I’ll start a blog.”


26 thoughts on “I know, I’ll start a blog….

  1. hmm you have raised some interesting points it is very useful i shall defiantly rturn here for more useful facts in the future. many congratulations to you.

      • I love how you have delibertely used the wrong spelings, just like they do – “defiantly” doing stuff – they are all so spirited, aren’t they – they do Everything “DefIANtly”…
        and “rtrn”… that is soo (not) cool – leaving out the vowelthingies…
        Yer… we need to keep an eye on you.

        • i got this one today & thought how spiritedly appropriate it would be to cut & paste to here.

          “hey there and thank you for your information โ€“ I have certainly picked up anything new from right here.”

  2. if you hadn’t’ve decided to start a blog all those years back though, we might never have met!! thank goodness for blogs. as for doing nothing and being boring, well, look. i never it stop me now, do i? congrats on your lovely new SHINY! blog ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. You NEVER mentioned pigeons bonking on the common. We could have set up some kind of pervy pigeons watch – you watching on the common, and me the doves outside my window. No wonder you never have anything interesting to talk about, you are bottling it all up! You can wear your cowboy hat and bunches again, and skip across the common with a notepad saying, two bonking pigeons, 4 bonking pigeons ……. anyway, I am most impressed with blog, and Jeff ………. I love Jeff.

    • Sssssh, don’t go giving away all my kinky secrets.
      Some of those pigeons though are unfaithful and dreadful flirts – outrageous!

      p.s. Jeff said to tell you he loves you too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yay, a blog! You’d better keep it up so I can sit in front of the computer pretending to do Important Work…
    And Tallulah will enjoy reading Soxmummy’s stories!

    • Oh Jane, but you see blog reading IS important work.
      We are networking see?

      “Sorry husband, there is no tea on the table after your long hard day at work, because I too have been awfully busy Networking”


  5. You have a new and shiny blog thingy whatsit…
    That’s pretty cool (I think…err…)
    Like you, I do nothing and go nowhere. But I somehow manage to write a lot of stuff about that on my blog. So maybe you will find a few things worth getting tired fingers over (from typing you know – I’m trying – and failing -to be ever so witty and clever and stuff… sigh…)

    Anyways, welcome (back) to Blogland.

  6. Lol, good job your not in France. The neighbours would have shot the bonking pigeons and had them for tea. Ohhh, and we love stuffed hearts too…especially with foie gras… ๐Ÿ™‚ You might just have to pick up a pencil…..

  7. You surely are in my head! I have been saying those exact things for a few years now! It seems this is how to help get your business a wee bit more noticed as well. So I am actually going to close my eyes and just type…..okay well not ACTUALLY “close” my eyes while typing because that would be an utter disaster! lol I actually still have to look at the keys to type. You would think years of daily computer use would make one be able to NOT have to look any longer….But NO. Oh Dumbledore, did I just ramble on like that on YOUR new blog!? I humbly apologize! Yup, I may not go very far from my home, I may not be a popular gurlie (I’ve always been weird/geeky/dork my whole life actually) and I can’t keep my opinions, good, bad, or things you just don’t wanna know about, to myself because I have ADHD REEEEEALLY bad….Can you tell????

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