Anyone for Tea?

In my strange little life, I quite often I find myself doing odd things.

Just for instance… having a pet cow called Denis.
An unusual name for a cow maybe considering that moo cows is normally ladies.
A little more unusual perhaps considering that Denis was an oven glove and we were inseparable for many years.

And there was this one time – in my early twenties – that I had a best friend call Dwayne.
Nothing unusual about that either really.
Oh, unless you count that Dwayne was a jam jar.

I could tell many a tale about Denis and Dwayne.
I won’t though, as I am a little afeared of the men in white coats.

This week I found myself doing something that seemed rather odd.
I made myself a lovely big mug of steaming hot tea.
And then dunked a pair of brand new clean white socks in it.
It was such a peculiar moment (even for me) and I found myself having to get the camera out so I could share my sock tea with the world!
(When I say ‘the world’ obviously I mean the 7 of my friends who will actually read this).

Look ‘world’.  Look at my tea!Image

Thing is though see, I needed tea dyed socks to finish off a zombie I was making for an awesome friend’s (Little Black Heart) birthday
She already has a zombie (called Byron), but he was lonely and needed a love interest. So now he has Mathilda.
Look.  Here is the very girl.  Isn’t she, erm, beautiful?


and here is a picture of her sitting alongside her new boyfriend


In the words of Little Black Heart (to be read in a seth efriken accent)                      “she is sitting naasly alongside Byron, on the shelf above my workstation, so i can see them both at all times and it warms my cold dead heart to look at them.”

She also says she’s going to ““Keep an eye on them, make sure they aren’t running around the house armed with butcher knives, chucky-style”
and here is her artistic impression of that very event…  isn’t she clebber?


So anyway,  I guess when it comes down to it, because I had an actual ‘for proper’ reason for putting a pair of socks in a cup of tea, it’s really much less odd than having a jam jar for a friend?
Or making fruit people and then not being able to eat them because they have a face?
Or answering the door to the postman wearing a blue afro wig and a pair of bunny ears?
Or grinning insanely at strangers on the bus and whispering “I like shaaaarp things?”
Or playing tag rugby in Sainsburys with various large items of fuit (mostly melons obvs)?

*whistles sheepishly and shuffles off*

About oddsoxrox

Odd. Very Odd.
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56 Responses to Anyone for Tea?

  1. Purps Fee says:

    We could be twins….apart from I am old and crazy…Fruit people are awesome and looking at how they shrivel and disintergrate and smell, gives an amazing insight into what getting older is like (apart from the smelling bit, …hmm perhaps I shouldn’t have put that)…oh well, thanks for the chuckle.. 🙂

  2. Monique Scotney-Gale says:

    Loved reading this and the socks in tea? Lubbly xx

  3. LemurLady says:

    You seem perfectly normal to me. But that is the opinion of someone who has a faceless, footless zombie mummy rodent for a friend. (can’t stop lol-lol-lol-ing at Denis the oven glove)

    • LemurLady says:

      PS Byron and Mathilda are beeeaaaauuutiful. If a little stabby.

      • lousyrebel says:

        thank you crazy lady.
        Poor old Denis was the victim of many a kidnap… he always managed to find his way back home though. We had some lovely times together – he especially loved a good old boogie down at the local discotheque!

        I guess you can’t go out swinging your pants with a faceless, footless zombie mummy rodent though eh?

  4. Ah, this takes care of my daily recommended dose of insanity. And I didn’t even need to create it myself! Now I can tell the soup to shut up and stop telling me to set the tub on fire. Cheerio!

    PS – I don’t drink the tea I’ve put fabric in to soak either. I promise.

  5. Nikki Perry says:

    Love it love it love it! you guys are amazing!

  6. Kate says:

    This is the best thing I have seen today.

  7. all sounds completely normal to me

  8. karen yvonne hills says:

    I am so glad i am not the only one that does things that other people find odd.(my husband and three children).Love reading your blog.x

  9. Helen Paxford says:

    I don’t like to worry yous lovely peeps, but the expression on Mathilda’s face looks muchly like the look my rabbit gives me when he’s been up to no good and pretending he is Millicent Bystander. I would start looking for the damage if I was yous! xx

  10. Well….
    You’re obviously called Odd Sox for a reason, surely? And socks in tea is certainly not VERY *normal*….therefore it must be *odd*.
    I rest my case.
    But such awesome dudes – Mathilda AND Byron?! A matching murderous pair, if ever I saw. LBH is one very lucky lady.

  11. Kate says:

    were they new socks or old and a little bit smelly socks. I know lbh would prefer socks that smell of you

  12. That would be the reason you must listen to the whole story… if you ended after putting the sox into the tea (great drink choice by the way… my favorite way to start the day (and believe it or not I’m american)… then it might have seemed a little stranger. The only real behavior that I might worry about a little would be telling strangers “I like sharrrpp things.”. Someone could take that wrong and you could be at the other side of a copper, rather than the straight jacket people, 🙂 Your new girl is adorable too by the way… glad your guy has himself a proper gal friend. They look good together.

  13. LizzieMade says:

    I was very glad to read – on Little Black Heart’s blog itself – that Byron has a new girlfiend. No zombie should have to sit, cold and alone, on top of a cupboard – even if it is in LBH’s workroom, watching her making amaaaazing drawings… of other zombies, pandas, lemurs and stuff…

    Matilda is very beautiful (for a sock zombie). I was v. impressed by her (one) shiny red and black glowing eye and her looong and graceful (skinny) limbs. I was even more impressed that she has all 4 limbs & they are of equal lengths – quite an achievement for a zombie.

    As for putting socks in your tea, or the way you are dressed when you answer the door… well, hey, it’s just nice to know there are other well-adjusted, normal, insane people out there – it’s not just me…

    Cool birthday pressie. I’m impressed with Little Black Heart’s own drawing too. Chuckie-style… yeah.

  14. Natasha says:

    Loved this blog… but I’m a computer programmer who rarely speaks to other people and as such was completely unprepared for leaving a comment 😦 … But I felt as though I should say something because otherwise you might think it’s not worth bothering to write blolg posts in the future and that would make me sad – so please insert some hilarious comment in <<<>>>>

    • lousyrebel says:

      Oh Natasha you did make me larf…
      I will try and think of something windswept and interesting and hilarious for you to have said.. 🙂

      But if I may be srs for just a moment… thank you so very much for taking the time to comment… A friend and I were having the very conversation earlier and wondering if we are actually wittering on and on to no one at all.. so the fact that you actually braved the comments does indeed mean a lot! 😀

  15. fiona says:

    HA! some things just never change.

    when little black heart was a very *very* young child, i found this weird orange thing in our mum’s sewing box. (i dunno what was it’s purpose? it was sort of tear drop shaped with a tail & packed hard with stuffing.)

    anyway, i drew a face on it in blue biro and called it Mister So So.
    she loved that thing.

  16. sal says:

    i am LOLLING at mister so so sew sew

  17. Misty says:

    Okay this entire entry and it’s comments are killin’ me! I know I’m a bit off on reading it, but OMG I am laughing badly at 7am with little coffee in me and my kids think I am losing it right now. That’s okay kiddos, mommy isn’t going down the rabbit hole yet today. I still have a grocery list to make and old people to run over with my cart first. Bwahahaha!

    • lousyrebel says:

      10 points for each old person you run over.
      Let us know your score! 😉

      • Misty says:

        LOL actually…..not as many there as I thought would be! Didn’t have to loose my cool! Normally I am TRYING to be somewhat patient and wait for them to decide what they freaking want or I have none and seem rude….more that 2nd one LOL. But we’ll see how next week goes ;^P

  18. I miss you :’-(
    Your spesh way of writing makes me smile….

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