Stay Classy!

Please to be aware that at the moment there seem to be a whole raft of Odd Sox copycats. There are some people who cannot think for themselves and just have to copy other people’s work.
(Mind you, I’m so brilliant, that if I wasn’t already me, I would probably want to copy me too)!

Anyway, I know it’s kinda hard to get hold of one of my little dudes (not a euphemism), but if you are Classy and appreciate original work that comes from the original maker, work that is made with lots of care and attention and a whole heap o’ love (and possibly a bit of swearing and some grimacing – especially when I stab myself in the leg with a needle), then please stick with me.
I’ve only got one pair of hands, but I’m sewing as fast as I can.  Honest injun!

If however you are a bit of a stinky old tramp and are happy to settle for a shoddy fake copy, then seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Is there something wrong with your brain perhaps?
Do you need to see a head doctor?

Always remember – if it doesn’t say Odd Sox on its bum chum, then it’s probably just a pile of old pooh.
(and possibly has fleas)
(and quite probably smells a bit whiffy)
(and you’ll no doubt catch something nasty from it)


Bums in the air like you just don’t care.  See?  Classy or what?  😉

About oddsoxrox

Odd. Very Odd.
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28 Responses to Stay Classy!

  1. Sarah aka Chestnutgrey says:

    Bum in the air while I type!!! There is NO WAY I would buy one from anyone else because your ones have HISTORY and ATTITUDE and we loves them, we does. :o) So :opsssssssssssssssss to them other fakeroos. Can I put my bum down now please? I think it is upsetting the earth’s orbit.

  2. Claire Read says:

    I just double checked my bum …. well, not mine, but Sybils, and it does have one of those label jobbies, but I did smell it, as you suggested, and it smelt a bit whiffy, but it was her bum, so I suppose it has a right to be a bit whiffy…… ????? 😉

  3. My dear, the day I decide to have a grump in my house (other than yours truly) it shall be an Odd Sox kind of grump! I only go for the best 🙂
    However, I would appreciate if you’d be so kind as to pre-smell your Sox’s bum (just to make sure he’s not a fake infiltrated amongst yours), as I feel I am already considered weird enough without engaging in the sniffing of fabric people’s undersides.

    Off I go to sniff at my creations bits! I shouldn’t read this blog, it gives me odd ideas… *sigh*


  4. Misty says:

    I agree, fakers just suck!
    While I have yet to purchase one of your AWESOMENESS Grumps, that doesn’t mean I would go elsewhere!!! I make originals myself and would feel awful and probably not be as “nice” worded about it ;^P

    I hope you are able to put a stop to others purchasing these wanna be grumps!! Hey by the way, love the labels too! Where or how do you get them??

    • Misty says:

      Not that I wanna make mine exactly like yours, cause that would mean I SUCK! I am changing mine up a bit this year and just want options 🙂

      • lousyrebel says:

        Misty, I make my own labels.. I am about to make some more.
        I will write a hilarious tutorial just for you. 🙂

        • Misty says:

          AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!! I would be honored, humbled, gitty, and very thankful!! As I am sure I will MOST definitely be LMAO through the whole thing!!!

          I had been just printing mine with my regular ink jet printer ink and noticed when they get put in the wash (not just wiped off) that it REALLY fades! Well, that kinda sucks and I want my name to be permanent DAMN IT!! ;^P

  5. Liz Gillum says:

    But, but… I hass ancient Original Odd Sox Grumps… They don’t have bums – or not labelled ones. What can I dooooo, I might get told off for faking…..
    Mary just suggested we try photocopying the label… She doesn’t understand why that wouldn’t work. (did you remember to put Mary’s brain in, while you were adding her stuffing?) Mary’s Babbitt says he will esplain about the labels… But I don’t hold out much hope.
    There is def an air of panic on the Grump Shelf…

    • lousyrebel says:

      Alan is amazeballs. I love him with all my less than three.
      Don’t you dare say anything against him and his little batwings and crippled polio leg.

  6. FlicketyMP says:

    I would never settle for imitation grump. It might take me the rest of my life to be there at the right time (being on the other side of the world and all) but I will have one!!!

  7. Abi says:

    staying classy here odd sox! don’t have a grump yet but will definately not be buying an imitation. I have seen a few appearing that look odly simillar but no where near your standard!
    keep up the good work and don’t stop being grumpy. or odd. or anything.

  8. it is awesome, and I do not think it is possible to create a grump when you are not … well YOU 🙂 one day one of them will be mine and I will kiss that bum chum 🙂

  9. Nikki Perry says:

    Odd Sox Rules!!!
    love your bum tags!

  10. That is terrible! And really your style is so unique that anyone else with anything even similar is obviously a big, giant, copycat, thunderhead 🙂 . That is also part of the reason I stay away from doing some amigurumi, like dogs, cause I like a realistic look and there is already someone who has them nailed (they are awesome). It would just be insulting to them, and demeaning to myself to copy anything like that.

    Oh, and the bum tags are just absolutely adorable. I would have to have one of them too.

  11. SunshineNat says:

    It’s not a Grump if it’s not an OddSox Grump!

  12. AngelaM says:

    the copycats are irritating bum holes and we hates them (me and Jessie that is). She has no bum tag, but she knows she is an original and will bit the ankles of any fakes she sees – chin up your sockness, they are boring people with no imagination, and we loves you x

  13. Helen Paxford says:

    I would not buy fake tat, no way no how! Only Oddsoxeses ones they are the bestest ones ever ever! xx

  14. DianePostrech says:

    I’ve been so chomping at the bit to get my FIRST one that there’s no way in H-E-double toothpicks that I would settle for anything else! I sit, patiently (well, truth be told, not patiently) across the pound for my very own OddSox. and the best part? I had no idea they had a tat on their butt!

  15. Well I hope Miss Karma will have a bum label… otherwise she will haunt you FOR EVER… Mwah ha ha! xxx

  16. karen yvonne hills says:

    You better hope your lunch time salad has not given you wind.x

  17. Jen says:

    Nothing says “classy” like a bum shot. 😀

  18. I love my creepy bunny devil oddsox. 🙂 Boo poo eww blah to copycats!

  19. Dotty Jones says:

    Love it. Originals are the BEst and oNLY oNeS to bUy.

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