Good Deeds and Awesome Old Ladies

So last night, because I am a normal person now who can go and do normal person things in the general Oustside Area, I went and sang in an old folks home.

Now don’t worry, I didn’t just turn up unannounced and start belting out show tunes in the tv lounge or anything like that – because that would be weird right – even by my standards.

No.  I went there all legit to sing with my fabulous community choir.

We do sing a lot of songs in That Foreign and to help the lovely old folk be less bemused by our wailings, our choir leader explained what some of the lyrics meant.

“this song is about how one day we will all meet in heaven” she said

to which one splendid old lady jumped up and shouted

“you do know this is the departure lounge don’t you dear?”

at which point everyone fell about laughing.

It made me think though.
And I thunked this.
I hope one day when I am old(er) and grey(er) and staring my demise in the face, I hope I can do it with as much humour and good grace as that awesome old lady.

(As I didn’t take any photos, here is a picture of an awesome old lady I found in the internet, just in case you wondered what one looked like).
awesome old lady