Stay Classy!

Please to be aware that at the moment there seem to be a whole raft of Odd Sox copycats. There are some people who cannot think for themselves and just have to copy other people’s work.
(Mind you, I’m so brilliant, that if I wasn’t already me, I would probably want to copy me too)!

Anyway, I know it’s kinda hard to get hold of one of my little dudes (not a euphemism), but if you are Classy and appreciate original work that comes from the original maker, work that is made with lots of care and attention and a whole heap o’ love (and possibly a bit of swearing and some grimacing – especially when I stab myself in the leg with a needle), then please stick with me.
I’ve only got one pair of hands, but I’m sewing as fast as I can.  Honest injun!

If however you are a bit of a stinky old tramp and are happy to settle for a shoddy fake copy, then seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Is there something wrong with your brain perhaps?
Do you need to see a head doctor?

Always remember – if it doesn’t say Odd Sox on its bum chum, then it’s probably just a pile of old pooh.
(and possibly has fleas)
(and quite probably smells a bit whiffy)
(and you’ll no doubt catch something nasty from it)


Bums in the air like you just don’t care.  See?  Classy or what?  😉