Love on a Stick

And so for those who have asked, here, FINALLY is a simple tutorial for hearts on sticks.  The very same ones you will find on my Free Heart Friday page.

AND as a thank you to all of the delightful crazies that inhabit my Odd Sox page on Faceschmuck, I will be giving some hearts away at the end of this post.
One unfortunate person will also be picked to re-home a grump, you’d better hope that’s not you!

Here goes then.  Are you ready?

Yes of course you are and as you seem to have made it this far all by your little ownsome, I will not insult your intelligence with a carefully laid out tray of delicately arranged items that you will need such as scissors and thread and what not because I am guessing that a). you already know what those things look like and b). you are not an idiot.
Suffice to say, you will need some stuff to sew with, some felt, some kind of stuffing, some sticks and some glue.

Herein follows the science bit…  hold tight, it’s a white knuckle ride!
(it’s not really, I just like saying that).

Step no. 1
Make yourself a heart template from card absolutely any size and shape you like (as long as it’s vaguely heart shaped, otherwise it won’t really be a heart on a stick will it) and draw around it onto your felt.
Find your sharpest, niffiest little scissors and cut them out thus…

Step no. 2
Pair up your hearts and blanket stitch the edges.
If you are hyperventilating at this point, don’t panic.
So many people say to me “but I can’t sew”  and I say to them, “of course you can you silly arse.”
I was taught to blanket stitch by a six year old child.
If you do not have a six year old child to teach you, may I suggest you proceed to the You Tubular where there is a plethora of tutorials OR if you’re a bit of a slacker, you can just whip stitch the edges.  Your call.

Start sewing on one side of your heart, close to the bottom (see pic below) and continue all the way around and stop at the opposite point on the other side.
You should have left yourself a small gap at the bottom for stuffing purposes.
(You can leave this gap any size you like.  The smaller it is, the trickier to stuff, but the better looking the finished product).Image

Step no.3
Now get stuffed.
I use a pair of hemostats (a girl’s best friend) to stuff my hearts but if you don’t have those, you will surely have a pair of tweezers handy or a knitting needle or just a pencil to poke the stuffing in.
You can buy stuffing in any craft shop or you can raid an old cushion or pillow if you’re into all that recycling malarky.

Step no. 4
Once you have stuffed to your satisfaction, you will need to grab hold of one of your sticks.
I use kebab sticks but you can again use whatever suits you… twigs from the garden, pencils, etc etc.
Dip the end of your stick (ooer missus) into some glue and insert it into the heart being careful at this point not to make a dreadful sticky mess, because nobody wants to see that now do they?
(I am using Hi-Tack Sticky Glue as it dries quickly and doesn’t soak through the felt, but if you don’t have fancy glue like me, you can use any fabric glue or white glue that you’ve got to hand).

Step no.5
I like to put a tiny blob of glue under the pointy flappy bits and glue them to the stick just for added ‘stuckness’ and really that’s about it. (Handy hint – I use a dress pin to do this bit as it’s quite a tiny operation and again, you don’t want to be blobbing too much glue around).
Hurrah you’ve finished.  Now wasn’t that easy!!

So you’ve made your hearts on sticks – what now?
Well what I do is put them in a pretty jar or vase, stand back and smugly admire my handy work and then take lots of photos to amaze and impress my friends.
You can do the same, though your friends will invariably ask you to make some for them.

hearts in jar

And now, as I said WAY back up there somewhere ^ I have three sets of these hearts to give away and in the spirit of Free Heart Friday, there are 5 in a set.  3 for you to keep and 2 to give away.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me who you’d give yours away to.
(Please leave me an email address or a way to contact you if you win).
At the end of the week (Friday 26th April) somewhere around tea time, I will (with the aid of some kind of random generating device) pick out three names to send some hearty goodness to.
One random person will also receive something very grumpy, for which I can only apologise.

(Please feel free to use this tutorial for personal or business, but if you do it would be jolly sweet of you to link back to here).

***UPDATE – Friday 16th April***

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who took the time to enter and left such heartwarming comments – and a couple that made me actually laugh out loud!  😉
And even though my heart is made of stone, I was quite touched to see what a lovely bunch of peeps you are.
I would love to send you all something, but I’m not THAT nice – so I put everyone into a big hat (not literally obviously, because WHO would have a hat that big?) and had Mr Sox draw out four names at random.  All winners will be emailed in due course for their addresses.

The winners of the hearts are:    Laney, Lucy Turner and Zoe Sadler
and the unfortunate recipient of the grump is Zoe.  (A different Zoe – what are the odds on that I wonder?)

So unless your name was Zoe or began with L, it seems you didn’t stand a chance at all!

Thank you all again – this was fun – let’s do it again soon!

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195 Responses to Love on a Stick

  1. rachel guy says:

    Id give the hearts to my mum as she’s always worrying about and caring for others without giving herself a second thought. It would be a LOVEly (sorry, bad pun) way of showing her she matters 🙂
    … and I guess id give one to t’other half…. he gave me my son, so the least I could do is give him my heart. (Eugh…. I know…. don’t worry, there’s a vomit bucket going round lol)

  2. Ruth Tether says:

    Thank you so much for making me smile. There should be a whole lot more beautiful crazy in the world. I would give them all to my wonderful girl as she stole my heart the day she was born, and for some strange reason loves anything on a stick!! Perfect x

  3. Mine would go to the person I love the most… my hubby… but that means I could always see them too… cos what’s his is mine, right? RIGHT! 😉 (And as always, your Grumps make me so un-Grumpy!)

  4. elliejc says:

    loveicles for everyone!!!

    I guess if I really had to, I could take in a little grump. you know, if I had to. 😉

  5. Star Teague says:

    I’d give mine to my bestie ~ she is half of my heart, and i am only complete with her in my life ❤

  6. Kathryn says:

    There’s this woman that long distancely I luff very much, but because of her raging arseyness, and my complete stubborn grumpiness, rather than get together we are having pointless arguements over facebook.
    I’d like to give them to her.
    Stick end first.

  7. Zoe Sadler says:

    My Mum as it is her birthday next week and we live at opposite ends of the country (her Aberdeen me the Isle of Wight). We don’t see each other enough but she is always in my heart! She always sorts out my ‘grumps’ with her words of wisdom too! ♥♥♥

  8. Well Hello there, what a lovely way to brighten up someone’s Friday! xx 🙂
    If I were to win your gorgeous hearts I would wrap one very carefully in a plastic bag and put it on my Mum & Dads grave as sadly for me but perfect for them they are together forever now and will miss them both always, so seeing one of your hearts there every time I visit them would make me smile 🙂 The other of the two to give away would go to my son who is my little Butterfly, who no matter what life has thrown at him, he always retains a sense of inner beauty and grace and I have grown his wings so strong now that he is ready to fly away to Uni in September so that heart would remind him that he is always in mine 🙂
    As for the grump, well I would keep him for me!! We could keep each other company and eat biscuits in bed all day long and be as grumpy as we like! He would help to fill my empty nest and I promise I will make sure his life is filled with grumpiness and he would be thoroughly miserable with me, I promise never to give him so much as a little squishy hug or cuddles at any time, I might be fibbing just a little bit here 🙂 and he wouldn’t miss any of the other grumps at all as he wouldn’t have time as I would keep him very busy shopping for biscuits! 🙂 🙂 xxxx

  9. sinead hickey says:

    I would give my heart to pretty much anybody who needs to feel the love i have in my life. I have a great life. I have very few regrets, and I’ve never understood the attachment to life. Someone else may not have experienced the joy or contentment I have. I would like everybody to have that chance.As i have all i love i will ever need 🙂

  10. Something very grumpy….makes me very happy. Or grumpy. Argh…now I’m confused.

  11. judesmith33 says:

    I would give a heart to my Little Ninja even though she would probably eat it or use it as a weapon. But not a bad way to go, being killed by a heart on a stick. I would probably give the other one to someone who needs to have a bit more heart if you know what I mean. As for Grump, why I’d keep him myself. I’ve the mean reds today and need someone to keep me company. x

  12. Hayley Wells says:

    I would make a mini bouquet of love for my friends little girl to carry at her wedding. She is such a little sweet heart herself! I think she would give the grump a good home too, and maybe even get him to smile once in a while! :o)

  13. Edele Roche says:

    ive finally got on…id give some to my nan whos about to start her first lot of cancer treatment 😦 i think i may make some for her anyway as she would love them. and the grump would sit in my little sewing corner i have 😀 xx

  14. Miss Monstro says:

    Ooo I did something like this years ago! They’re great for little kids! So I would split them between my two sons – save on fighting! (Though I’m sure they would anyway!!)

  15. Bryan A Ellis says:

    The hearts I would give to my wife; she has mine already. The Grump just needs a loving home, or at least one that has cable & wireless internet. =)

  16. Kirsten Brown says:

    I’d give the hearts to my mum as she has always been there for me through thick and thin. She manages to encourage and inspire me and pick me up when things go wrong. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.
    The grump, on the other hand, would have to be mine! I turned into a grumpy old wfie many years ago and would love the company!


  17. Ursula Haines says:

    I’d give one to my daughter and one to my son ~ and the Grump to my husband, or I might keep the Grump as a reminder and give him the other three hearts… ;-P

  18. Emma crtwright says:

    I would give one each to my fabulishious little munchkins, George 9, ruby 7, Freya 5 and max 2. X

  19. Claire Davidson says:

    I would give the hearts to my best friend, she is always there for me when I need her 🙂 and hopefully giving the hearts will make her smile, her little kitty twinkle has been missing for a week 😦
    The little grump would stay with me, for when the hubby is watching darts so we can be grumpy together 🙂

  20. Tiffany says:

    They are great, I would give one to my daughter and one to my sister in law Viv who always appreciates anything handmade.

  21. I wouldn’t give my hearts to anyone cos I’m selfish, like the grump, see? And becos I’m selfish, nobody luffs me, so I would actually need the hearts for my own, see?

  22. Dana says:

    Okay, I would give my hearts to skeeter and his new home, just send three to me, pack them in with the poor little grump to start his new life off right 🙂

  23. Mandy says:

    Oo! Fun tutorial! I would love to enter the giveaway 🙂

  24. I would love to have another grump mine is lonely! I hope I win! And the love on a stick is soon cute! Please pick me! Thanks I love your work!

  25. I would love to have another grump ! Mine is lonely please pick us! And I love the love stick super cute! May wanna do one for my grump!

  26. Kathleen Pickering says:

    Hello Odd Sox. Love your sense of humour and your grumpy sockie little people. You is a cheer pill and I only have to see one of your people to get my mouth turned the right way up. I really want a grump and I hope I can adopt one soon.

  27. Anne Ganem says:

    I would give a heart to each of my girls. They deserve it!

  28. Anne Ganem says:

    P.S. If that Grump does happen to stroll by this way it would probably get along famously with the Troll that lives under my deck. The Grands have named him Grumpy by the way because he is always so grumpy about returning the little toys they drop down there.

  29. Teena batt says:

    I would give my heart to my mum as hers is not very good and last year she had two heart attacks…… I love my 79 year old mum to bits and as you only have one real one in life, I wanna keep her as long as I can xxxxx

  30. oldwayscottage says:

    So simple and so lovely, if I won a grump I’d make him hold a heart all. day. long. 😉

  31. Sorry, but you seem to have mis-typed my name as the winner in the competition?

  32. Susann says:

    I’d give a heart to my best friends Avril & Sandy as they have stood by me as I experience on of the most difficult times of my life. And the remaining 3 would sit nicely on my mantel to represent my 3 sons who are my world .

  33. Aunty Mogg says:

    Thank you for posting this – I have just been asked to donate some of my handmade sock monkeys to the Heart Kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital. -your cute little hearts have given me an idea – to make some and attach 3 to each monkey!

    What a wonderful idea to randomly leave hearts everywhere!

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